Why we VR

The appetite of humans to escape the confines of their everyday lives is insatiable.

For this reason alone, VR is destined to succeed beyond any medium in the history of mankind. For the first, and perhaps the last time, humans will be exposed to a medium that delivers 100% total sensory immersion. They will genuinely perceive flawless 360° audio coming from every conceivable direction and distance. Within 5 years, they will experience fields of view wider and resolutions higher than the human eye can perceive. And this very year, people will gain an ability to interact and inject an idea of self into the world with creative superpowers that transcend the laws of time and physics.

Thus, VR becomes the medium to end all media. The computer that will swallow all of computing. And as for humanity? For me, I’m happy to be on the creation side. I’ve always loved creating more than consuming. For the masses… there’s going to be a hell of a lot of consumption, and a lot of, lets just say: programming, going on.

Look out, humanity. Snowcrash is coming.

Time to train up those motorcycling and katana skills.


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  1. In other news: “Black Mirror makes us face the literal “black mirrors” we stare into for 12 hours or more each day: our computer, smartphone, and television screens. The anthology is part Twilight e-Zone and part Tales from the Gigacrypt, presenting various scenarios in which technology and society intersect, typically in horrible ways. Black Mirror is a warning of sorts, showing us what could happen if we get too addicted to apps or lose our sense of self and decency through anonymity over the internet.” — tv.com

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